Langman's Oldmobile In 1953. Peterburg, Virginia.

    Automobiles have been in the family for generations. First started as a small automobile part store in a small town in Virginia has grown into the top automobile mat business. My Grandparents worked in factories since they were 16 saved enough money up to start their own business. My Grandpa built the store himself, would drive to automobile stores in the region to sell them on our product while my Grandma would run the office. Together, they built the #1 automobile part store in the region. One day in 1981, while my mother was working the register - a customer came in and ask for the highest quality mats for his brand new Cadillac. Unhappy with the options he was offered, he asked my mother where he could get custom automobile mats made. At that moment, a lightbulb went off in my Mother’s head. She told him she could do it. It wasn’t an easy task but after 4 different mat samples and a month, my mother made the perfect automobile mat. Her mats were the talk of the town. A week after she delivered the mats to the customer, we had a line out of the door trying to purchase automobile mats for their cars. We had customers that would drive over 4 hours to order the mats. Since then, our family has only focused on automobile mats. With my Grandpa’s guidance, my uncle developed partnerships with many automobile related businesses and sold our mats through them. We are an old fashion family, that decided to not sell our automobile mats on the internet for many years because we didn’t understand it. But launched in 2017, we started our E-Commerce brand to give the customer the ability to order directly from us & spread the word about our family owned company.

As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed, and we are always available to answer your e-mails or phone calls.

Thanks and Happy Motoring!

-Jeffrey Langman